Imarisha Ubunifu Animation Competition

It is with great pleasure that we announce our first-ever advocacy campaign dubbed the Imarisha Ubunifu animation competition. The competition is an audio sync competition that seeks to highlight the needs of the creative industry and ask for our promises to be met

As we all strive to do our best in the art and business of animation, we have built a community of artist and creatives who practice this awesome art of illusion that mesmerizes and entertain many in the world. Besides our art being part of the entertainment, it has been a medium of education, advertisement, and passage of information in a unique yet captivating manner and its reach within our region and continent still remains an industry that is mighty and magnificent waiting for us all to explore it further.

In line with our mandate of promoting the animation industry in our region, we are happy to announce and invite you to participate in Our first ever Animation Advocacy Campaign/Competition “Imarisha Ubunifu Animation Competition”.

Imarisha Ubunifu Competition Winner - Unga Itatoka? by Bill Munene and Team (Void Atelier)

Awarded Ksh 20,000/-

Imarisha Ubunifu Competition_2nd Runners Up_IkoPoa by Mwendwa Dennis

Awarded Ksh 10, 00/-

Imarisha Ubunifu Competition_1st Runners Up _BottomUp by David Omboke

Awarded Ksh 3000/-

Imarisha Ubunifu Competition Entries

Check out all the submissions to the competition on our youtube channel. Here

With our country having just concluded the general election, our country ushered in a new administration of the Kenya Kwanza Government led by our New and the 5th President of Kenya, His Excellency  Dr. William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto. With the coming in of this new administration and as we wait to see how they will lead the country. We are all looking forward to them actualizing all the promises that they made through their manifesto.

As artists and creatives in this great republic, we are all waiting keenly for this new administration to unpack for us our goodies as promised on pg 25 and 26 of their manifesto 

With Creative freedom and freedom of speech being enshrined in our constitution, We saw the need to organize this competition not only to celebrate what the Kenyan animation community can manage to do but also to remind the government to be accountable for what they promised the creative industry in Kenya.

Over the years, the creative sector/industry has never been given the keen, full, and considerate support that it requires to reach its optimum capacity yet this industry support majority of the youthful generation of our country in job creation and drives our day-to-day communication and information. As citizens we are called to be ambassadors of a noble course, we invite all animators in the country to take this opportunity to participate in this advocacy competition to remind the government of their promises and also to use our creativity, imagination, and skills to entertain, educate and push for the changes we need in the creative industry, and keep the government in check to help see the orange economy reach its optimal height. 

As we celebrate International Animation Day on the 28th of October 2022 where all entrant animations will be premiered, for the first time, we want to do it in style as a community and through this competition, we will be adding to the theme of the day “Beyond the Craft”.

As we purpose to create a stronger animation community in our region, we invite all styles of animation to this competition, Also, as our litmus test of how well we can collaborate on projects besides individual projects submission, we encourage collaborations where need be between freelancer vs freelancer, Freelancer vs Studio and Studio vs Studio.

Are you Game? Let your creative juices flow…

The Competition Theme: Imarisha Ubunifu

In line with the 6 key issues listed in the Kenya kwanza manifesto that affect our sector and the creative industry at large, we invite you all to take part in this great competition and collaboration with the animation community. The Main key promises for the creative community according to the Manifesto pages 25 &26 are

Creative economy bill,Film Fund / Hustler Fund, Copyright Enforcement, Art Galleries, Single Permit, Creative/Cultural Ambassadors.

The above are the 6 advocacy issues that we will be pushing in our campaign. You are open to thinking Beyond the above in your conceptualization of the idea to animate.


-The competition opens on 5th October 2022 and submission Closes on 26th October 2022

-Use the Audio File as it is.

-The Premier of all submissions will be on the 28th of October 2022 at the Internation Animation Day Celebration at USIU-AFRICA.  To learn more about this day see: International Animation Day Kenyan Celebration. You are all invited to participate to see all the submissions that will be submitted.

-The Winners of the competition will be announced on the 28th during the International Animation Day Kenyan Celebration

-All animation created should not have obscene scenes and Profound nudity. The film must comply with government regulations on taste and decency

-Even though you own the rights to the animation film you create, to help us achieve our intended motive, we request that you do not upload the completed film elsewhere publicly before the premiere of all submitted animations 0n the 28th of October 2022. 

-Your animation film should be a .mp4 file (H264 codec) of 16:9 Pixel aspect ratio  (1920 by 1080) or higher Max size 300MB.

– Submit a Cover image of 16:9 pixel aspect ratio of at least 1280 by 720, max size 2MB with your Film Title and Name together with the hash tags 

#animationkenya ,  #ImarishaUbunifu ,  #WilliamChiefHustler  #The5thKeepthePromise

 (The Hashtags should be placed in the lower third area of the Cover Image in one line separated by commas)

  • At the start of your animation Clip, have the cover image with all its detail animated or as a still Image for the first 5Sec of the animation clip.

  • For any outro/credit roll have it for the last 5-7sec of the video.

-The jury decision will be final

–  The individual animators in the International Animation Day Kenyan Celebration Committee can participate just in the show under the non-computing category but their entrants will not be eligible for the prize competition.

-Be sure to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the competition before submitting. 

-The lead animator in your project should be a Kenyan

-For collaboration with animators in the region, this competition is open to collaboration within the east African community but the lead and 50% of the production team should be Kenyan citizens


Decision and  Prize Awards

  1. A jury of experts will review all entries made and the jury decision will be final
  2. failure to follow the given rules will result in disqualification.
  3. The Association of animation artistes cant be held to account for any late, lost, misdirected, undelivered, or ineligible entries.

 Association of Animation Artistes Kenya Rights

By entering your Animation film for this competition you give the association of animation artistes in Kenya the non-exclusive and irrevocable right to broadcast and/or exhibit, and authorize to any third party the broadcast/exhibition of the submitted film for the purpose of promoting Kenyan animation. 

The association of animation artistes Kenya shall have the right to copy, edit the Animation Films (or clip(s) of it) and to send such copies to third parties/ or upload online  for the purpose of ‘promoting the Competition

Third-Party Copyright

You warrant and confirm that you own or have obtained all rights and/or releases necessary including without limitation 

a)All rights, releases, and/or copyright clearance in relation to all material included in the production owned or controlled by a third party including literary, dramatic, and/or artistic works.

  1. b) Consents from artist contributing to the Animation filming and production of the project,

c)In order to allow the association of animation artistes to promote its Competitions, the Animation films, or the programs you hereby consent to association of animation artistes editing and cutting the production in order to exercise the rights granted to them hereunder and to the use by the association of animation artistes any content from the production in conjunction with other content and materials in the exercise of their rights hereunder granted.


  1. You agree to provide the name, professional photo, and biography of all those involved in the production of the animation film including actors and directors, and grant the association of animation artistes in Kenya the right to use such information in promoting the Animation film, Competition, and the Awards.
  2. You agree and will use reasonable efforts, to procure that other participants in the Animation Film project  agree to take part in reasonable publicity for the Competition as requested by the association of animation artistes

Third Parties

a)You warrant and represent that you have the right to enter into this Agreement and to grant the rights set out herein.

  1. b) You warrant and represent that nothing in the Animation film is obscene, defamatory, and libelous or breaches Government of Kenya laws.


You indemnify and hold harmless the  association of animation artistes

, and its partners, from and against any and all claims, suits, liabilities, judgments, and Damages arising out of a breach by you of any of the obligations, representations, or warranties contained in these Terms and Conditions.


This competition is to 

  1. Help push advocacy issues as the animation community on matters of interest to us all
  2. Challenge ourselves as a community and identify areas that may need improvement. What’s our quality? What’s our production turnaround time? What are our challenges? Where can we win through collaboration? 
  3. Help Create capacity by enabling linkages and networking within the animation community and the creative industry as large
  4. Help Create a stronger community and industry for ourselves
  5. Celebrate our own
  6. Have fun
  7. Learn
  8. Honour great works of art.

-Register for the competition by downloading the audio asset to be used.

-Make the animation to the audio with regards to provided rules of the competition and the terms and condition of the competition and submission.

-Submit the finished animation before the given deadline


It is and it is not. Politics play a vital role in our community and we can’t turn a blind eye to issues that are of concern to us. Though we aren’t getting into politics directly by having this competition, what we are doing is advocacy by being a voice for our sector through our own skills and art while having fun.

So anytime this question comes back to your mind, remind yourself that this is advocacy and us having our right to freedom of creative expression as enshrined in the constitution of our land.

Advocacy is an activity by an individual or group that aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social institutions. Advocacy includes activities and publications to influence public policy, laws, and budgets by using facts, their relationships, the media, and messaging to educate government officials and the public Readmore.  Advocacy can include many activities that a person or organization undertakes, including media campaigns(like our imarisha ubunifu campaign), public speaking, commissioning and publishing research

Campaign: A Campaign is an organized course of action to achieve a goal.

Got it? 

So what is our Advocacy Campaign? Our Advocacy Campaign is to request the sitting government to honour the pledges that they made to us during their campaigning period.

How will we do it?

By Creating Awesome animation videos that will help us pass the message and share them widely on the internet, social media, and through other media channels. 

Can we make enough powerful content hadi ifikie chief hustler mwenyewe?

As the creator, you own the rights to what you create. but, to avoid any Copyright handles you have to agree to the terms and conditions of this competition before submission.


Speed the work! Yes, you can use open third-party assets in this competition but make sure you have permission and license to use such assets. See the usage of third-party Copyright in the terms and conditions of this competition here.


Yes, you can! And a win for you will be a  win for us too….


Yes, but the submission has to be done by the director of the animation or the producer.

No. you can only submit stop motion animation shot via a camera.


This is just but a test of how good we are as an industry, can we show our best strokes, renders and prowess of the Art that we adore so much!?


No. You cant edit the sound for this competition.


3D,2D(Both cut out and traditional), Stop Motion, Claymation, Pixelation, Puppetry, Hybrid animation


Yes, you can upload your work in progress on any social media and Tag #animationkenyaWIP, and #ImarishaUbunifu for this competition.


How can I see the submissions to this competition?

Submission to this Competition will be played at the World Animation Day Celebration on the 28th of October 2022. 

After the premiere of the submission, the submission will be available online on the association website and youtube channel to see them quickly just search for 

The harsh tag

 #animationkenya ,  #ImarishaUbunifu ,  #WilliamChiefHustler  #The5thKeepthePromise

Yes, we are in this to the max as we would like to build a winning culture in our community, we hope you won’t shelf what you are working on toward this competition.


You own the right to your film, however by submitting it to this competition, you agree to the terms and condition of this competition


Yes, You can re-upload your clip before the deadline on the 25th at Midnight and give the description of your reupload


Yes. We are working on this. The prizes will be updated in due course 

Even though prizes are of importance, we want to build a culture where we can be having this competition as often as possible and from it create a platform where all animators can meet, interact, critique works of art, and network. So in the long run this will be the biggest win for all of us.

As of now we are looking for sponsors to at least be able to offer some awards. We thought it would be wise to start this off with or without any monetary prize as it will go a long way in showing how open we are to challenges and growing as a community, besides, this kind of competition had been requested over and over again within the community.

For Student Submissions: A month’s Internship in one of the reputable animation studios in the Country for the best animation in the student category.

The organizers of this competition is the Association of Animation Artistes Kenya (A3K) and its partners


100% Here is the discord channel.

We are on the look for the best nonpartisan jury that we can get.. Check out this page later ….


Yes and No.

If you are a citizen of Kenya living in another jurisdiction… sure you can participate at last  we have a ministry for foreign and diaspora 

This competition is open to East Africa Community animators but at least 50% of the production team should be Kenyan citizens. This means two animators from the region can participate but one needs to be Kenyan and the lead.

We got you! Write to us via with the Ref Imarisha Ubunifu Qstn


Register for the Competition

On registering for the competition you will be redirected to a page to download the Audio. Feel free to choose to use the 12sec audio or the 18sec audio as the audio to use.

    [Registration Closed]

    Done Animating....

    To be able to carry out this short animation competition often we need partners to help us facilitate prizes as they are a motivation to artists who will be participating in this noble course.

    Animation Studio, Festival, Govt Agency, NGO, Corporate, Sound Studio, Production House, Film Festival. Contact us

    Would you like to support our competitions monetary wise or in kind? We will be glad to hear from you. Contact us

    Credits to JcToons, Rockingelator for the awesome web animation